MF Productions Worldwide

MF Productions has taken its twelve years of experience creating unique and memorable events and expanded. MF Productions Worldwide now has an office based in Athens and a core group of staff working both in Athens and on the island of Mykonos who are adept at planning any type of special event. We are also offering consulting services to companies, non-profit organizations and cultural institutions in need of help with development, cultural programming and fundraising initiatives.  MF Productions Worldwide is focused primarily on working in Greece and on the island of Mykonos in particular but has numerous contacts and experience working throughout Europe.

MF Productions Worldwide offers full range of practical and creative services including the following: a group trip, a work conference, a day off of a cruise ship with plans for daytime and evening, the meeting of a group of friends in Greece with a memorable dinner or special event, a simple or elaborate wedding, or a romantic honeymoon.

Our list of services that we can provide includes: